Monday, September 29, 2008


After about nearly 9 months with no light bulbs in my kitchen I thought I had better put some in as I had visitors at the weekend and being in the dark may not be that great.

What a joy. Now I don't have to strategically use the backdoor light or living room to cook my meals. BUt duh, why did I leave it so long until I could see. Now that I can see, I can see I have quite a few cobwebs in my house.

apparentlly I dont have bora- although I think I do. I do have cobwebs.

Ali recieved his first smack tonight after a small behavioural problem with my work bag. He then sulked and would not come near me for a few hours and in fact cowered. Hes now sitting by the computer. It wasn't a big smack but it was a smack.

Another cowo announced he was leaving my team today..."another one bites the dust". I have to be the next person. I HAVE TO BE THE NEXT PERSON THAT LEAVES MY TEAM BECAUSE THEY HAVE FOUND A BETTER JOB. Unfortunately, I am still there. There is a place I would like to go I just don't know if I will get there.