Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How can a petrol station have no petrol?

So, I drive up to Masterton. Tank is on empty. I pull into the Caltex petrol station just near Solway. A young man comes out instantly. Thank goodness, I think. My faith is restored in service stations provding service. Then the conversation goes something like this:

Petrol guy: Sorry, wev've got not petrol
Me: How can a petrol station have no petrol?
Petrol guy: Bad management - didn't pay the bills. Weve got no petrol.

Petrol guy walks off. I laugh and drive off. What else could I do? Except hope that I get to the next petrol station.

I laughed and drove off. When I arrive at then next petrol station, theres notices that you can only get petrol if you pre pay. Heck it was 6.40pm. Not fricken after I prepaid, on the basis at least I was getting petrol.

So, having prepaid I nip into Woolworths, Masterton for a few essentials. The guy in front of me is stoned or drunk out of his tree. It was only 645pm. The Woolworths guy sells him a 12 pack of steinglager. The guy walks off and forgets to take his Steinlager. Comes back, gets his Steinlager and then goes outside and hops on a fricken motorcycle. I closed my eyes. It was all too much. His friend says what took you so long. His friend hops on the motorcycle....

Only in Masterton.

I get to to the event I am going to (which is why I needed petrol) at the Masterton Museum and am served "free" Ata Rangi pinot noir.

Oh yeah, only in the Wairarapa do you get that juxtaposition. Well, of course you get it elsewhere too. Its just seems more marked.

Anyway, its but one of the reasons I kindof love my village.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Two toothed longhorn borer

I reckon thats the type of borer I have judging by the size of the hole and my search of the internet that says these beetles surface in Autumn - April/May. This is more serious than the other borer beetle. The only consolation - and its a small one - is that soon after the beetle surfaces - it dies.

Unfortuantely, I can't fit through my roof hatch to climb in my roof and see whats on the other side. This would be funny if it wasn't funny. Also, even if could fit, I'm actually not that fond of enclosed spaces, and if. I could fit, I'd be a bit worried about the roof carrying my weight in any case.

I may spend the rest of the week cleaning, super cleaning my house, so that I can ask my neighbour (who happens to be a retired joiner) come over to look at my hole. I am beginning to worry about my hole. Mainly becasue it is BIG - well comparatively so for a borer hole and um becasue its in the beam - the beam that holds my living room up.

Meanwhile cold is almost over and I have new socks, new trackies, ect and need to start using that gym membership I am now paying for....and then I might fit throuhgh the hole!- not the two toothed longhorn borer hole but that hatch roof hole...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dr M

Well Dr M has been in touch. We have set a lunch meeting for next week. I'm not really sure what we will talk about. Like we never knew each other that well. I'm pleased, but also feeling a bit awkward about it. Still I guess thats how you make friends eh? By getting to know someone better that you dont already know. And it kind of helps that we don't have work to unite us. She will ask ask straight up hard questions - and I'll answer them. We'll talk about our different lives and it will be the point of difference that unites us in friendship. I kind of like that.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Work update

well oh, contrary to my last posting I am going to post about work. Today work seem honky dory fine and dandy. This may be becasue I did not got work today. I have a cold. Its a moderate cold - like someone is slowly placing a grater ony throat so I need to cough and sneeze and a bit of moderate fever. Well, in my new workplace there is a strict infection control practcie put in place - if you have a cold stay home do not infect - its more of a socially acceptable thing. Its not socially accepatble to come to work and germ infect. This is quite foriegn to me. At first thought I thought it was OTT now I think maybe it is actually good practice - it allows you to rest and recover - wheres the glory and wheres the common sense in spreading of germs. I seem to be amending some fo my fundamental views on this. I suspect the little grater man will be on my throat tomorrow...

I've also had a ephianic moment in the last 24 hours. Sometimes its easy to see and reflect back wearing rose tinted glasses on what was, where I have come from. But well actually, things aren't always perfect. Things aren't perfect in my new workplace. I don't get everything they do, but basically on the whole they mean well, they seem to have good intent and seem good genuine caring people without any visible intent to do harm. I will rememebr that when I return, when the grater man is off my thorat. -

Flaw of being home is I get those telelphone questionst - which I answer becasue I think its how some people are depenendent on for income - adn usually I aren't home when they call so don't get to answere them often. Well today I got the rudest dumbest questionaaire man. I always say 3 people live in the house, they are all public servants and all high earners. becasue each in theri own way are. When the man asked how much the highest earner earnt " How much does he earn" I said "why do you assume its a he - your sexist biased, and I this is over". I slammed the phone down.

Have a trademe bid on a shredder - close tonight. Then I can shred branches, etc ect.

I so need a shredder - yes i do!

Buggar bora

Buggar - I think I have Bora in my house. I thought this a few weeks ago when I saw "beetles" rambling round - but they were outside - hmmm so I thought _ rather hopefully, they had come in with the firewood. I looked them up on the internet at the time and yes they looked like the bora beetle. Tonight I discovered one these beetles blatantly rambling across my living room wall.

When I moved into my house I put beetle bombs in place. That was 3 years ago. Now it appears I need to do it again. That means I will need to evacutae the house for 24 hours. Ali will also need to evacutae th house. But I don't really want unnecssary holes in my walls. These bora beetles are clever beetles. I don't want to exhume either Ali or myself but I do want to exhume exoloriate or whatever the beetle.

In other astounding news today I pruchased 2 new pairs of shoes. This adds to the pari I purchased last week. What prompted this shoe fetish? Well last week I was in a meeting. There were three of us. One said "I can smell toast". So, I said (in a lady who moved to Auckland manner) "so can I". But that smell of toast was my burning smelly old shoes wet with holes.

New shoes. I like new shoes. So, will my colleagues without knowing it!

Oh, and speaking of colleagues - today a certain code was distributed at the weekly team staff meeting. This means I can no longer post about work. I am resolved to that. cOS well, its not healthy, its not professional and all that. Will be venting my frustration for $19.50 per week at Les Mills.

Buggar the bora beetle. How could it just disappear? Like, it was big - as in at last a $2.00 coin size. It was there when I came home, but jsut before I sat down to post this, it disppeared. The bora beetle is my immediate challenge.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wig-out update

Thank you for your comments - it helped and I took them into consideration. No, really it did. These also aligned with:
1) what a senior manager once advised: “Smile, acknowledge in your head the person is a f-wit, but smile and do not concede any ground”. Its good advice, its r.o.w. Its hard to execute, but in general its an effective strategy to use. So, I didn’t wig-out. Wigging out, explaining my frustration in this instance is, and likely to recoccur situations (like tomorrow when I have my fortnightly catch up scheduled) are not going to work. Basically, I’ve concluded its bad manners. But if someone has bad manners then that ultimately is their issue. My issue is not to let it affect me and not reciprocate in kind, especially when a power imblance exists. . I note ** who was to attend the same meeting yesterday came over to me this morning and profusely apologised, but this is because he has manners…
2) Today's Dominion. It referred to mandarin burecrats. It also provided defintion of a number of txt spk - one being Wombat

W O M B A T - Waste of money, brains, and time.

So I put togetehr the two and renamed for my voacb my manager Mandarin Wombat - MW. This is quite clever on a number of levels, one being it corresponds with teh managers initials - but not if the manager or SSC ever read this blog!

The Manager came and asked me if I had completed the weekley report. I advised I had and that I had becasue ^^ had already asked me. Then I thought of Dilbert in todays Dom where the manager asks two people to do the same job. I smiled and advised that the task had already been completd. My manager, visibly agitated, but chequereed by me, walked away. (remember advice no. 2 from former manager: don't play games!

I even got to write WOM on the "in/out"board. becasue I was having an official meeting at Word of Mouth. I am sure noone had any idea where I was. But I knew what WOM stood for. WOM and Wombats. I find the "in/out" board off becasue it is kept under extreme and strict surveillance by the manager. Odd becasue for example, its required to be filled in cirucstaces like when everyone is at the same meeting - well, hello, doesn't everyone know they are at thesame meeting. I mean alongside everyones name of the the meeting room gets plcaed.!! Not ot just one general mark up.

Oh, and I "won" a trade me auction for Les Mills membership. Yep, I'm going back to the gym - mainly I'll be going to the Terrace because that is in close proximity to where I work - this will also solve the "problem" of "F" who put me off going to Extreme - although "F" does occassionly go to the Terrace., Becasue um clearer I need to vent my frustration physically

I suspect my meeting tomorrow will either go well or badly. If my my manager insists on advising the Pucinni is an opera - I will slap manager - again, thats just pure arrogance.

Weather looks good for the weekend - Yay!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time management and ethics

I was going to post bout newspapers and recycling and my latest update on this topic Instead I will revisit another topic I have written about before.

I have two problems. The first relates to the time management of my manager. She reschedules every meeting. This would be Ok if it was the exception to the rule. If she was very busy. If she needed to accomodate the manager above her manager. But as the manager above her manager no longer exists this is not a problem.

My problem is I get very agitated.

I see her outside her office when she is supposed to be meeting me, and then gets one of the "princiapals" and shust the door. Well, today I had had enough. The 2.30 meeting got shunted to 4.30. As she didn't bother to come out of her office I didn't bother to stay (theres this unspoke rule if the office door is shut you dont go in). I left at 5.15 without explanation underr the pretence I had to catch my train. But actually I catch the 618 so could have stayed tilll 6pm. I could have stayed, but I was getting increasingly agitated. Its rude and arrogant and ego driven. Thats what irks me. I seem to have the lowest thresehold within my team. She does it to everyone - well, all the "seniors". However, that in my view does not make it justifable. It just wastes time. I have time, but that is not the point.

My problem is it is potentially going to create conflict because it is pissing me off big time and I know I am not managing it effectively and I lack the ability to hide my discontent. But like I said, its just something I have zero tolerance for as I consider it to be an ego thing. I could accept it if it was justifed.

I have thought about telling her its one of my values and I find it frustrating - but I dont think
this would work.

Advice would be valued. As tomorrow, I still need to meet with her - and guess what? Its over fricken template. Maybe thats the other thing thats equal to the discontent. Its the meeting thing but its also collective input when it is completely unnecessary and a decent horse becomes a Donkey.

As referred to above the manager above my manager has resigned. This was becasue apparently policy was not followed. Did this concern my colleagues? It appeared not. Not in the slightest. However, when supplementary information appeared to reveal that the manager above my manager was not quite as well qualified as she had led colleageus to believe, this seems to stress my colleagues and outrage them into dicussion on how it was all wrong. Well hello. Wheres the ethics in that? Without knowing the full evidence but having read the OIA report becasue its public, both were wrong. It really concerns me that my colleagues can't seem to distingusih this. I think they feel outraged becasue they feel they have been betrayed and do not know this person fully like they throught they did. I just don't get it. Both behaviours are wrong.

I just don't get my workplace. Its values are not aligned with mine.

Seriously, advice on this time management thing would be appreciated becasue tomorrow I fear I may up for wigging out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life is not a Template

Its a shame noone can construct a common sense template. Imagine how much money you would make from that? Still, one persons common sense is in the eyes of another bizarro fantasy land.

Sometimes I think my colleagues are retarded even though they are highly educated. Today when I reported back that the consultation I was sent to comprised 75% govt officials they were outraged. But Duhhhh, I was one of those unnecessary officials.

As part of writing up my evaluation from the consultation I attended yesterday I was required to fill in a template. This template included such gems as whether economic transformation, Maori discussed, Pacific people, immigration were discussed. These things set out objectively could seem resonable. But hello, people dont turn up to a consultation and have a discussion according to Dr Xs template unless the facilitation is based on Dr Xs template - it wasn't.

Are you for real Mister Mr X template writer? I wanted to say.

When Mr MBA template coordintor (seperate burecrat from Dr X Template writer - becasue hello we all have different skills and abilities - and why have one person do the job when you can have several?learnt I was sticking an unauthorised "table" in my template he advised me in quite strict terms that no tables were to be used in the template - or words to that effect. "Are you for real Mister template co-ordinator?"

I finished my template - added the disclaimer that Dr Xs Template format was not completely suitable for the discussion I attened and this is why I had included the table. I suspect tomorrow I will be asked to remove the table due to its non compliance with the template.

I suspect I will be very tempted to say fuck off and get real but I will adhere to repetition. Your template did not fit the format of the discussion becasue real people do not use templates.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

There's a burglar in my hood

How do I know this? Becasue I recieved a letter from Constable G370. It advised me that the burgalry occured yesterday between the hours of and 12pm. Police are looking for:

Dark Skin
Approx 20 years of age
5ft 7
Medium Build
Clean Shaven
Wearing a drak top
Carrying an object wrapped in a sheet
Was seen running down Rhodes Street.

The letter I recieved is apparently evidence of "Safer Communities Together".

As it happens I was home yesterday. And as per the last Police incident in my hood that I was informed of I was sleeping during these hourse of the incident. I find this a littel disturbing, because I makes me wonder if I could sleep thorugh my house being burgled.

I saw the Policeman deliver the letter. I had arisen from my sleeping "sickness" for coffee ar Mirabelle - which in time (the next few days) I will devote a whole shout out to. I was returning home in the car. I was remiss in that I wasn't wearing my seatbelt. The Policeman who was walking his community bicycle as he delivered his letters shouted at me. "Put your bloody seat belt on lady". I pulled into my driveway. He continued delivering his letters. Thats what you call Carterton community policing.

Anyway, I am glad my retired neighbours are home. My single lady living next door his home. The shift workers on the corner are home. And the firewood man pops home to see his Mum a couple of times a day. This is the best neighbourhood watch one could hope for.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've got lots of stories about trains. Lots and lots. And they are growing in their various categories. And lots and lots of them reach my heart. My Dad was a Stationmaster - a real railway man - you could smell it on him, on his stationmaster uniform, and from the time he spent in the railway yards. I can recall the times he took me into the railway stations themselves as a kid. It was certain smell. When I walk into teh Carterton railway office - I dont get that smell - but at least the outside is famailar to what I grew up with. I lived by the rails for the first five years of my life, so I like to consider I am a railway child. Although clearly I am not a child anymore. This is part is why I like travelling on trains, and that I like listening to the trian toot its way in both directions at the back of my house. That by way of introduction is merely context. Anyway, heres one particualr story that tugs at my heartstrings - specifically in realtion to me and my life journey.

There's this phenomenon that occurs at Carterton Station. There are at least 4-5 couples that stand at the station each morning. The "husband" or "partner" stands by their lady, in at least two cases the man holds the ladies bag. Then when the train arrives, the man kisses the lady/wife/partner goodbye. And then....and then the man is there to greet her on the return trian home. Its not just "ageing couples". There's a couple of young couples that do this too. One brings their dog each way.

Increasingly, more and more, I think it would quite nice to have a man hold my handbag, pass me the newspaper, and wave me goodbye, and be there to greet me when I got home, and then we would walk hand in hand off to the home cooked roast he had made for me - or hot pot of fresh pumpkin soup on the stove accompanied by French bread from Moises and the homefire would be stoked..the house would be warm - and he would keep all the lightbulbs active and not wait until they all blew out before changing them, necessitating navigating the house at times like a partially blind person.

Anyway, whats prompted this entry? I guess its been building for sometime, but was jolted by overhearing this guy talk about his sister on the train home tonight. He was talkinga bout how at 38 yeah she was fine with no kids, no commitments, but now shes 43 and empty. Eek, I'm nearly 43, I'm not empty - but I guess I am reassessing my status as as a SWLA - Single Woman Living Alone. It used to be funny. I guess I am finidng it less humourous than I used to.

So now I just need to find myself the perfect man - refer paragraph 3 - oh, he would of course, also have weeed the garden during the week, so that at the weekend, I could merely plant out the vegetables and "potted colour". We'd talk about what we had done during the day, to which wed'e be interested, but then we'd talk about other stuff and make exicting plans to travel while he was doing the dishes.

Somewhere between these lines, as hard or not as it maybe for some readers and even myself to believe, I am actually being serious.