Monday, February 2, 2009

Bikes and Buddha

Yesterday I rediscovered the bike I purchased off Stronger Light. I also rediscoverd my bicycle helmet and gloves. And then yes, I went for a bike ride. I have some way to go before I am familiar with the gear changes like I used to be with my old bike. I've entered the bike challenge at work and am aiming for 100k a week. It might be more realistic to go for 50 k. At leas for the first week.

So there I am, out cycling when viola this grey Toyota car glides past me. I look up. Read the registration. It is MY car. Well its not (but I still have a key - although to use it I guess would be called theft - although how can it be theft when you gave the car away?). And actually I knew it had been given a new life becasue I recieved the papers in the mail. So much for being only ok for parts. Anyway, its not my car now. just hope I never see it again - becasue it does mildly distress me. The bike is my car. And I have to make it my best (transport) friend if I want to move a bit faster to places. eg not take half a morning to go and get the Sunday paper or bread. but just hop on my bike and be back quite quickly. But actually, its part of my fitness programme.

On a seperate issue, the "buddha lady" at work spent a little bit of time ordering cheesecakes from some place in Woodville. Apparently they are the best in New Zealand. So i turn to her and I say "do buddists eat cheesecake?". She says "yes, they do". Well at least the Terrace chapter does. It just seems at odds to me.