Tuesday, November 11, 2008

P, Manslaughter, Rape, Custody, Drugs, STDs

The heading only touches on the conversation I overhead x and y having today on the train journey home. It started with x saying to y that had been a stink day. x had missed a ride over the hill and only just managed to catch the train. x had no money left on the cellphone and the benefit had not gone through. Then the coversation progressed.

Basically x was on custody charges and a manslaughter charge. In between there had been death, rape, drugs, prison, hospital, mental health assessments, court cases, custody case, broken jaws and tinanum plates, scars and other body parts, STD* (note terms used by x) police, overdose, a house burning down and a mortagee sale and other related stories. The thing is the story was told with clarity by x who was talking to y that really believe every word was true. It did actually follow a sequence that was interrelated. They were sitting in the seat behind me so it was diffiuclt not to hear. In fact on the whole carriage it was difficult not to hear becasue x was talking quite loudly. I guess she needs her story heard. Quite frankly if she has survived what she has, I believe she does need her story. But I have deliberately not exapnded too much becasue it might be identifiable.

When x got off the train at the destination before I get off I observed the frailest of women who had literally been knocked down and over in more ways than one and in quite the worst ways imaginabale. But there she was walking across the carpark and getting on with her life in the best way she knew how. One step at a time. Full credit to y who didn't really know her but was going to give her a lift home.

It made me realsie I lead a simple life.

I looked around the carrige trying to make eye contact with people I never speak to. I wan't to acknowledge that we had just overheard an amazing life story while at the same time as it actually being incredibly sad. The thing is the regualr commuters didn't even blink. There was not one recognition of what they had just heard. I found that quite sad.

Clearly, x had connections and assoications with various "udnerworld" people and criminals, but like who are are the train people to judge how someones life can follow a seperate and different follow a certain journey.