Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And so this is Christmas

Another year over - to abridge John Lennon.

This year seemed non eventful. Stressful at times - althoughgh different from last year.

I am carless for the first time since I could drive really. I'm adjusting. Its not that hard.

I have the best and biggest Christmas cake, I had cookies on the train home end tommorrow I have 2 nights planned in the Hutt. and I am beginning to be glad that the 'working' year is over.

As Te Radar has commented in his book - in a review I read of it - sustainability really only works if you have a supportive community.

Tonight I went next door to ask my neighborus to feed Ali was away - well, to feed him officially. I took roses. They gave me wine and Christmas cake - the first time I had been in their hosue since I moved in. My lady neighbour Marge enquiired about the absence of my car and observations that I had been carrying grocercies home. She offered me a lift anytime I want it to go and shop. Actually I could have used this lift on Sunday when I felt stinkorama and walked to New World to get disprins and lemons and water. They told me about all the neighborus movements and holdiay arrangements - but clearly they had not picked mine. Apparently the neighbour across the road has gone wih a lady in Maserton. And gary the firewood man and his mum have gone away on holiday which again is breaking with their pattern.

Its actually nice to have neighbours observe these things.

My neighbours are pleased and in a fact a little overwhelmed that I will have company at Christmas. I think they think I am a hermit. Heck as soon as I said I was going away for 2 days Marge wanted to break out the wine and selection of home made cakes as if I was going to Disneyland.

In some respects she is not that far off the mark. I think I've only been away from home 3 nights in the last year.

I commenced number one of my 100 things to do. It s one of the most important I must do. It wont be easy, but it will be worth it.

I also commenced number 2 re a proper but cheap holiday given next year is the predicted economic year of doom. That is looking up $50 night PSA houses. I'd like to go Queenstown. But I cannot even contemplate booking the accommodation until I have completed the jigsaw of Queenstown I complted today

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can you hear me

I am glad I can hear the rustle of the wind
I am glad I can feel my ears adjust when they come out of the Rimutaka tunnel due to the change in altitude
I am glad I can hear music
I am glad I can hear all sorts of sounds

Today I met a Deaf man as part of my work. It had a profound effect on my day. It was a difficult conversation we had becasue I did not have the answers he wanted in any language.

Then he ripped our conversation which had been conducted via my notebook out of my notebook. I agreed to this but it still felt odd to have my conversation taken away like that. I wish we had conducted our conversation by email. Why would that have been different? That remains as a record I guess. Easier for me I guess.

Anyway, I am so glad I have my hearing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

RIP Toyota Corolla

A few months ago my Toyota Corolla was pronounced terminally ill. At that stage I should have left it at the garage but I didnt. I squeezed a few more rides out of it with its red alert lights showing, and its breaks stuffed. When I went to start it yesterday it had died. No ignition. No life yet. Now I need to dispose of it. I'm hoping if I make the garage man the offer of towing it away for free on the basis he can have it for free then that will work.

The car was an ex DHB car. I liked that. The car was my Dad's car. I liked that too. I also liked the fact in that car I travelled some fairly solid distances.

In that car, it blew up just before at the crossing before Martinborough becasue I forgot to put water in it. It blew up on the Rimutakas once.

Its greatest moment was when it took me over the Rimutakas 3 times each way in one day!!!to Martinborough from Wainuiomata when I moved. How I did that driving I don't know. It was crazy. But I did it. I figured why pack when you can jam your car full. Clearly in retrospect that wasn't a well planned move.

Anyway, I didn't heed the ex brother in laws advice and haven't been saving for a new car.

I'll be carless for a wee while due to my carelessness....possibly a year as I'm trying to only pay cash for what I purchase. Cant pay cash, then dont purchase. Or something like that. And my imemdiate priority is a a little bit of hosue maintenance over the next few months. On the up side no petrol costs, insurance or registration and a supder duper reduced carbon footprint.

Anyway, RIP grey toyota corolla. Thanks for the journeys. I guess this closes another chapter to the past and allows new ones to open up, at least with regards to my movements.

PS. My sheep have disappeared from their paddock. I guess my neighbours will be having lamb for Christmas...