Monday, June 15, 2009


Today I recived a rejection email. It went something like this: Dear Hebehobo, thank you for your wonderful application. Unfortunately though you were unsucessful. Don't consider this a failure. Take heart. The assessor would like you to know that there were lots of applications of such a calibre. Don't be deterred. As Zig Zagler says on my computer "its only from the valley that the the mountain seems high".

I'm a bit over the rejection letter.

" Dear x"
Thank you for your rejection letter. I feel rejected. F""" who gives a shit whether there were 101 applicants and whether there is a recession. Forget any attempt to deliver the message in any soft packaging becasue the message of rejection is the message of rejection no matter how your attempt to package it. Anyy contestant who has recieved Silver at the Olympics knows, Silver is Silver and Silver is not Gold. F*** you. and F*** your organisation. I think your email would have much more meaning if your simply wrote "sorry lady - you lucked out".

As it happens, I looked at the stars tonight and they were beautiful. That kind of seems more important.

Somehow I know the rejections tell me I'm not pursuing the right pathway. I just have to find where the right one.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Someone stole my small gate on Friday night - while I and my neighbours slept. And now I can't sleep. What kind of person steals a gate? It was a small wiry crappy little gate. But functional. They didn't steal my gnome or anything from my back porch. I didn't report it to the Police. Now I am beginning to think perhaps I should have. Oh well. I hope it was some little gate challenge. I've tightened my security -as in removed the axe and sledgehammer from my backdoors becasue its just simply easier to leave them there than the garage - and locked my washhouse door. The thing is I must've been home when it happened - and my neighbours were also home. I went looking for it in case it had been biffed down the street - but couldn't find it. Fricken annoying - I just kept looking at all the other crappy gates in my neighbourhood and thinking why didn't they steal that one.