Thursday, August 28, 2008


My TV appears to be lacking transmission. This is sad (for me). especially as the remote control that went through the washing machine is functional again now that it has dried out.

I may need a new TV. NO coronation st, uk tv , living channel for me.


Broadcast transmission is interrupted.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Over $30 of Flirting advice for FREE

Yes, this post makes me weep. It will make Homeperm weep!

I like to think I am an intelligent woman. Clearly I am not as intelligent as I thought i was.

So one night I am googling flirting advice or something like that. It asks me to enter my cellphone number so I do. Then I start reciveving texts about 6.30 pm and 7pm while I am bored on the train. They read as follows:

  1. Speak up. Speaking softly 2 him 2 pay closer attention will backfire if he becomes exhasuted trying 2 hear what U R saying.
  2. Dress sharp and ? does this even need saying? be clean. If you look shabby you'll attract shabby.
  3. Position for the knockoutr LOOK! Make sure you are facing away, then look over your shoulder+ SMILE This asymmetrical position signals that your'e interested.
  4. Self-esteem is everything. Its not always as easily done as said, but if you feel good about yourself, he'll feel good about you , too.
  5. When talking to a guy they like. girls often rest an elbow in the palm of one hand while holding out the other hand, palm up. Who knows why?
  6. Online flirting - Short and sweet is the key to online communciation. Serious conversations are meant for in-perosn talks, not online chat.
  7. Learn to smile with your EYES. Watch Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts. try it next time and notice his reaction.
  8. Body language: He winks at you while talking to you or winks at you from a distance. This one isn't even remotely subtle is it? Wink back.

Then I recieve a text saying I've been charged $30.00. I text back. To a machine it seems as the next day I recieve further texts. Guess I have to ring Telecom and pretend I'm a 12 year old girl or something that accidentially signed up:-)

Still this evening as I was leaving work my group manager passes me in the corridor. She says "you look those colours" referring to my hair colour I guess. Normally we have limited interaction - apart from the fact I spent last week writing a 2 pargrpah letter for her to thank a guest speaker. I guess she liked it! Seriously I had two versions of the letter. Guess I gave her the right version, but I would have preferred to send the other. anyway, I reckon being called fabulous by your group manager is quite cool. but i'd prefer it to be "hey hebequeen. that policy piece you constructed. Awesome fabulous"

Still, I wont reject a "fabulous"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Street party

At the weekend. Saturday night to be exact, it would seem there was a party 10 doors down from me. The kind where lots of photos get taken - the next day by the Police. And today there were Chubb security men on guard.

I checked todays Dom - no reportage of assualt, murder or P labs. I figure hundreds of empty tui bottles don't quite add up to P lab.

Guess my neighbours will know - what with their son in law a local policeman.

Tonight it seem business as usual at the house. It was occupied and the lights were on. Someone was outside smoking. I walked quickly passed though.

Sometimes it seems such a juxtoposition this stuff (whatvever stuff happened) happening in my street as most of time it seems quite normal. Makes me appreciate my neighbours if the worse crime in the world that they seem to commit is chopping branches of my tree down while I am work - and I only discover this at the weekend.

I don't really mind the chopping of the branch - I just think it would be polite to ask, not just chop it down and leave it for me to remove. I acknowledge the tree shades their rooms and I grew up in a house where I know what that is like. Still, I guess on the positive side, it saves me having to do it - and in comparison to the party that happened at the weekend, it makes them look like brill back neighbours.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blue Skies

Today I was standing at the Carterton railway station at about 7.10 am waiting for the last morning commuter train that arrives about 7.15am. The man next door to me turns to the woman next door to him and says "Good to see some blue sky there" . I looke up from the Dominion Post and see this amazing "sky blue" streak in the sky - especially for that time of morning. Then the lady says "Yes, but not enough to cut a sailors suit". I thought that was an awesome analogy. Especially as there are usally quite a few "force" people at the station. Well, a few army and navy men in their suits. What attracts them to live in Carterton?

And then tonight when I walked home - becasue I'm trying to create a Carterton footprint - and it is silly I drive 900m to the railway station when I can walk in almost the same time it takes me get into and out of my old Toyota.....I saw this amazing white cloud like a big cone in the sky.

I love the sky - especially in the Wairarapa. And some days/nights - like today - I love coming home to the place I call home. Just to smell the air - and be in a different space.

Monday, August 11, 2008


So, if you reside in Wellington, you will have noticed the Snapper people, the Snapper concept. I YOU may even have a Snapper card. I would understand that if YOU shop at WISHBONE or catch the BUS.

Essentially, my loose translation is that Snapper is a way of carrying your cash in a card that also looks like you could be a Christian from the 80s - continuing my 80s theme. eg when the fish symbolised the greek version of peace love and happiness as set out in the Bible. You knew people were Christians both by their love and actions - but also by the symbol of the fish.

I understand the 2008 version of the fish. Its carrying cash - and a money spinner for Wishbone and the buses.

What I don't understand is why on earth would you wear the Snapper card your neck when you are entrapped in an office all day. "Like excuse me, I'll just pop down to level 2 and use my Snapper card""@!?. Why on earth.? "Look, I'm wearing cash round my neck". I mean, its the same thing isn't it? I might get a $20 note, wear it round my neck and say LOOK - I cut out the middle man - less carbon foot print!!!

Well, my manager wears a snapper card. This has what has prompted this post. I also had a snapper conversation with my Group Manager the other day when we were walking to a meeting.

By the way: i said to my manager - "is that a Snapper card round your neck" This led to a 10 minute conversation on what the Snapper card was, and how NZ was one of the first countries to embrace the EFTPOS. Maybe its supposed to be a conversation starter.

Anyway, my verdict: Perhaps it has its uses - but no need to wear the thing round your neck eh?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Maggie Barry

Today I decided my hair looks a little Maggie Barry. Effectively, what that means is it probably looks 80ish and needs a cut. Anyway, I'm hanging out on the cut. Maybe when I get a job interview....

So, anyway, because I think I am Maggie Barry, or maybe I would like to be Maggie Barry, here are is garden tip:

If your newly planted and lemon and lime trees loose their leaves, spray them with Epsom salts. I got this tip from channel 8 - Sky Living Channel and one of the gardening programmes. I then checked it with one of my granny smith apple sellers - the guy from Clareville Nursery. What I didn't check was how much Epsom salts - so I put a bag in the spray container which is abouut 4 litres- then I checked the empty bag of epsom salts and it said one teaspoon for that amount of water - woops. Epsom salts supersized. Oh well, I sprayed it on in anticipation that more is more.

Now according to my apple seller - the reason new season lemon and limes loose their leaves is becasu ethey are conditioned when they are grown commercially, and suffer a little shock when transplanted. I know how they feel.

I've always had trouble growing lemons - this time though I am determined not to be defeated. I do actually have a functioning lemon tree at the back of my section. Its functional but I want a lemon tree that has big juicy lemons.

Epsom salts - cheap as chips - not only can you use it on lemons and the garden but in your bath. Same as what you buy from Kirks all fancy pansy dressed up or that Rexon stuff form teh supermarket which is nice and smelly - but does the same job in terms of relaxing the muscles and making you feel nice in a hot bath for a fraction of the cost - and you can had oil drops or put fragrance on afterwards..