Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wolf, Wulf,Woof

me: Can you see that dog over there?
her: No, that's an animal with four legs that barks
me: Yes, barks like a dog
her: oh, a German Shepherd
me: yes, a German Shepherd that barks like a dog because hello it is a fricken DOG

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet Mothers Kitchen

Today I was introduced to Sweet Mothers Kitchen by Strongerlight. It was nice. It was also an opportunity to catch up with another lunch companion, one who I hadn't seen for a a few months or indeed this year. Today I realised while I have missed contact with this person, it didn't really matter. Theres always a reason why people are present in your lives at one point or another or not, even its not possible to understand at the time, after a period of time you realise it doesn't need explanation.

On the way to Sweet Mothers Kitchen I discovered all the new landscaping outside Penny Farthing - I seriously do not get out enough. I bet it has been there for months

Tomorrow - I have the fortnightly catch up with the manager which due to the last one being cancelled is now I guess the monthly catch up. It is her birthday tomorrow so hopefully she will be in a good mood. Will she be ready to discuss peer review? and how I think "wasteful" is not a policy term? Well, all I can say is she better be, because I am.

Oh, and re my work team - if there was a team motto it would be "its all about me". Work it out - how can you create a team from that statement. I think I would hear this phrase used daily with the exception of me and the Englishman. Its kind of used as a joke. But I don't think my cowos realise its actually very telling about who they are, and their values.

Anyway, I have noone to share my nicknames with: but they are seriously helping my headspace now that I have a few.

It also helps to have lunch at Sweet Mothers Kitchen

Monday, June 9, 2008

I am

a domestic goddess Jamie Olivers aunty. I'm thinking marketing. My busineessss name ? LOL - Labour of Love - as opposed to.....I like the double twist LOL. The fact I'd make about enough $ to cover the fuel costs of a bicycle - that is probably end up in deficit is currently a deterret. Oh well, it gives me time to refine the sugar quantities.

Anyway, I have jam - feijoa jam - and dam jam - it feels jolly good to be a jam maker - Homemade jam made with 100% homegrown organic feijoas and lemons. It is possibly a fraction too sweet. And I was close to overboiling. difficult to know when this is the second time in lifetime have ever made jam.

Now I want a pantry of home made preserves.

Why jam? well the freezer was full. I used to take excess to work. But not this year. Can't really explain that - except making jam seemed a better option....and best to keep seperate my LOL from my workplace I think.

Tired but v. satisfed jam maker.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

remote control

If you want your remote control to function it is not a good idea to put it in your automatic washing machine (accidentially in between the sheets)

Oh well, I have clean sheets and a clean - but not functional remote cotnrol.

This means I have to get out of my bed to change the tv

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have found my perfect man

he likes dogs, he lives locally, he is engaging, ecofriendly (in that he rides a bicycle for and his transport mode) and dark and handsome - if not that really that tall. Our conversation started over a black labardor that seemed to be lost. We both agreed it was a young dog, didn't live in my house or any of the neighbours nearby. We agreed we didn't want to see it run over, and was at risk of that ifi it kept standing on the corner of the road. It was a nice conversation. He circled round on his bike while we chatted.

Unfortuanetly, the man I met was about 35 years too late. He would have been about 10 years old. He called me Miss so immediately he had my heart. He did indicate he was off to see his uncle who lives up my street. Perhaps his uncle is more my age.

Oh well, it was a nice conversation. I thought what a lovely caring young chap you are. Your a good kid. Now I just need to find a grown up version of you.