Monday, June 1, 2009


Someone stole my small gate on Friday night - while I and my neighbours slept. And now I can't sleep. What kind of person steals a gate? It was a small wiry crappy little gate. But functional. They didn't steal my gnome or anything from my back porch. I didn't report it to the Police. Now I am beginning to think perhaps I should have. Oh well. I hope it was some little gate challenge. I've tightened my security -as in removed the axe and sledgehammer from my backdoors becasue its just simply easier to leave them there than the garage - and locked my washhouse door. The thing is I must've been home when it happened - and my neighbours were also home. I went looking for it in case it had been biffed down the street - but couldn't find it. Fricken annoying - I just kept looking at all the other crappy gates in my neighbourhood and thinking why didn't they steal that one.

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