Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best bread ever

Tonight I made my first sour dough bread. Ok it didn't look pretty. But it was the best bread ever. It tops my bread making achievements to date. The wholemeal bread has been edible and good. But well, my sourdough bread was divine. I made a Carterton version of a bacon buttie. Fresh hot sourdough bread with avocado, rocket and freerange bacon. Delicious. I'm made a ham sandwich for tomorrow. So that will be the tests how well it keeps overnight. I'm not sure I save that much making my own bread but there is something magical about it - indeed as Zappo the Magician knows! I'm not sure it would have won an award at the Country Womens Institute cooking session for "technical ability" for soughdough. but as far as I am concerned, it made a first class sandwich.

I'm contemplating setting myself a challenge to make my own bread and not buy bread.

I'm looking forward to the weekend when I make Brioche Suisse and Creme Patissere.

Oh, conclusion to the horse story: I turned my note into an Aide Memoire. I then turned the Aide Memoire into Briefing. Then my manager decided that perhaps we really shouldn't be informing the Ministers office that a horse has four legs and a tail.

Speaking of animals my colleague's cat died last night. I have great sympathy for this and know it can be heartwrenching. But it was odd. This become the focus (not by the affected colleague) but the other colleagues for the day. Anyway, I guess it kind of broke the ice for the mood.

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