Friday, May 1, 2009

Bread and Yeast course

1. I've been tasked with writing this post before Homeperm and Strongerlight get home.
2. Note breadmaking is both a science and an artform

I have just spend the day learning how to bread and yeast products. The course is run by Jo Crabb at Careme. The courses are held at Palliser Vineyard, Martinboough. Amazing. I would totally recommned them.

So, now I can make healthy wholemeal loaves, chicken sandwiches with real mayonaise. Brioche Suisse and Calzone and pizzas. I learnt a little more about wine.

As with any continuing education type course, the sucess is usually down to 3 factors - the quality of the teaching, the motivation of the students, and the course composition. Todays course had all three elements and the bonus factor of getting to eat top quality food and drink top quality wine. First of all I attended with Strongerlight and Homeperm. So that was a great start. Then there were new people:

I loved it when the tutor said "shut up" to the customer version of Hells Kitchen- it was water off a ducks back. Then later the tutor asked if there were any questions relating to making the bread and the same woman that had been told to shut up said "so what happened to your harpsichord"?

Another beuatiful moment was when the gay man from Gaytown leaned over to the nice lady next to me from Parapaumu and said "I think we've met before - I'm a magician." Like random and becasue his previous sentence had been about putting egg whites on your face to stay young and beautiful I thought he had said "I'm a beautician" - and then later discretely the nice lady's hearing aid fell out but she quickly popped it back in!

I so need to do more extramural courses based on my interests. Its a fun way to meet people and have fun.

It was good having homeperm and storngerlight to visit - I tidied my house (but I luckily they weren't the hotel inspector), I got a new light in my bathroom installed, my petrol can filled, and got to havle coffee again in Gaytown.

I needed today as the conclusion on my tests results process came through yesterday. Basically the panel thought I was amazing (I am), have a lovely personality (I do) and that I impressed them beyond belief (I did). The third factor and my last posting re my results for the pcyhometic part meant I am not fast enough for my application to be sucessful.

Strangely, I feel slightly relieved that the screening process has had this outcome. I feel stronger as a person for going through the process. It doesnn't resolve where I will be going next, but it has meant that I get one free sesssion of follow up career/pchyological counseelling.


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