Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MnM and pigs

This is my new term for moments I have with my Manager. If you know me, you can probably crack the code.

Well today I endured an hour or so in follow up to my entry re the horse related story. It went something like, "so now I've thought about this great strategic issue, and now I want to sit you in a room with others and we will define the story of the horse with four legs - if we have more people in the room and I speak continuously, then this story will be real"

Two points were I nearly lost it, well maybe threee. - maybe more

1. When colleague 1 said orginal briefing was impressionistic - well, hello - that was the "commissioned" brief. Perhaps colleague 1 had just been to the Monet exhibition.
2. When the manager said "intellectual capacity" was required on the project and named colleague 1 and colleague 2. wtf - this irks me no end. The whole naming of this intellectual capacity in the context it is used. I don't think I ever heard the term in my last workplace - -I don't know why but it irks me no end. No end at all.
3. When the manager asked who would hold the pen - clearly I was supposed to volunteer - but hello, why not just be explict about this stuff.
4. When colleague 2 asked is I was excited about this work - I replied I had the capacity to do the work - although clearly not in my managers view the intellectual capacity..

Yep, this stuff does not get my pulse going at all.

and tomorrow I have to front up for 1:1 - which no doubt will be a continuation of the horse story - which Ithink I am supposed to write a problem definition for which is odd given the scope of the project.

As I walked home I thought about the title of one of Charlotte Yates early albums - Deadfish Beach - and the line "I'd rather be selling shoes on Lambton Quay". well, clearly not quite. But I kind of feel like I'm washed up on soem deadfish beach of a shore in public service land on the Terrace.

and I'm praying for the right wave to come back in take me back to a real beach with sand and real people and real issues not this artificila construct.

Like, actually, I don't want inscribed on my headstone - lived on deadfish beach, no*** The Terrace, 2008-2009. I really dont.


Today I met a former colleague at Bordauex - while queing. He was buying a wild boar sandwich. As he would say himself - brillant. given the stuff about pigs and all that - and the fact that he works at MAF. I kinda of liked the little joke he could play on himself over lunch.

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